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Our Suppliers

I take great pride in sourcing the best suppliers and who now are all friends and indeed regular diners at The Sisters.

Fish & shellfish

Kallin Shellfish
Also known as Hector and his brother John (John is actually out on the boat Hector just keeps him in check!) They are from Grimsay in North Uist.

Lands my scallops & langoustines late in the afternoon in Uist then drives to Glasgow where he shells my scallops (because I asked nicely) and the finest west coast creel caught langoustines that Glasgow can offer… normally associated with pier side dining in the North of Scotland where the wee fisherman passes you with a basket of prawns flicking away.

Sean & Bernard Supply all my other fish & shellfish as well as supplying both the Sisters and other top restaurants & hotels in Scotland you can go to their outlet in Howard Street if you’re up early! And get some great fresh fish at great prices.


A Scotch Beef Club Member

Using only the finest sourced Scotch Beef


Ramsay's of Carluke
Andrew & Jacqueline Ramsay supply all of my ham for the other famous dish at The Sisters which I brought back to life as it makes me think of my Grannie's kitchen - " Ham n cabbage" You just can't beat it!. The are famed for Using only sows, they give a sweeter ham which in turn makes my job easier!

Fruit & vegetables

City Fruit & Vegetables
Peter Brogan is a good friend of mine he has recently branched out on his own after generations working  at the fruit market he supplies both places with all of the daily fruit & vegetables as well as the hard to source ingredients.


Wines and Spirits


 My main suppliers of fine wines & spirits who even take care of all my staff training in the food wine matching department a great service offered personally by Bruce & his team