It's a dumpling but not as we know it

Warm homemade Clootie Dumpling with hot custard and vanilla ice cream



1lb mixed fruit(sultanas, raisins & currants)
1/2pt water
1/2lb butter
4oz brown sugar
1tbsp treacle

Melt all the above in the microwave for a minute and stir all together

Then mix
½ lb plain flour
1tbsp cinnamon
1tbsp ground ginger
2tbsp mixed spice
1tsp bicarbonate soda
2 eggs

1. Add the liquid & fruit to the flour mix and beat in the eggs. Make sure it's a nice smooth cake batter with no flour lumps.
2. Line a 2lb  glass/plastic  bowl with a double layer of clingfilm.
3. Put in a 850 microwave for 9 mins.
4. If you leave the cake in the bowl when it comes out, it helps produce a nice thin skin.

(nothing like your Grannies though!!)