Welcome to the Sisters Restaurants, two of Glasgow's finest family run eateries.

The Sisters now have two restaurants in the heart of Glasgow's West End at Kelvingrove and just off Crow Road at Jordanhill.

The Sisters Kelvingrove, close to the city centre offers a slightly edgier city vibe to Jordanhill's suburban style.


Both offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and good hearty Scottish cuisine.

The famous Glasgow Sister Jacqueline  O'Donnell first opened her doors to feed the locals 17 years ago. It began with a chance meeting with a local Jacqueline was catering for.


Jacqueline is firm in her belief of keeping a staple menu that she knows her customers love. She prides herself on being a traditional ambassador for bringing together dishes that your Gran might have put on the table...It may taste slightly better but don't tell Grannie I said that!

It has been hard work but certainly a rewarding time for me. I have met so many regulars over the years who keep coming back and now remain friends. I am so proud of my own story. Most of those who come to The Sisters Dining room will say that it is similar to going to an old friend’s house:

A warm welcome, cosy atmosphere and superb simple Scottish food.

Come in for a chat and experience the warm hospitality that you receive which has rubbed off on our team after all these years working with us.