Breads & Snacks

Freedom Bakery bread & flavoured butter £4.50

Crowdie cheese & roasted red pepper dip £3.50

Homemade beetroot hummus with dukkah £3.50

Ramsay of Carluke haggis, crème fraiche, crisp breads £3.95

Thai fishcakes, soy dipping sauce              £6.95

Mixed spiced nuts                                       £2.95          


Starters / lighter bites


Poached smoked haddock & caramelised onion tart                               £8.95

Sweetcorn & harrisa pancakes, roasted tomatoes, smashed avocado    £7.95

Homemade chicken liver pate, homemade oatcakes, Arran chutney      £5.95  

Ramsay of Carluke ham & savoy cabbage croquettes                            £8.50

Wild mushrooms on toast, soft poached egg, toasted pine nuts              £7.95 

Homemade soup of the day                                                                     £4.95

Cauliflower, smoked bacon & gruyere fritters                                           £7.95  

Scallops, coconut, beansprout, snow pea & chilli salad                           £10.95

Ramsay of Carluke haggis, turnip, potato fritter & whisky cream             £7.95   

Roasted heritage beetroot, goat’s cheese, honeyed walnuts, basil pesto £7.50                                                                       




Baked Ramsay’s of Carluke ham, Savoy cabbage, kale, mash         £14.95  

Duck breast, braised duck leg, celeriac, roasted duck jus                 £16.95

Roasted cauliflower steak, homemade cashew butter                       £13.95  

Grilled sea bass, lemon & herb risotto, pesto & toasted pine nuts     £16.95  

Chicken & mushroom roulade, brioche, chicken liver pate, thyme     £16.95

Roasted sweet potato, homemade baked beans, roasted pepper & chimichurri £12.95       

Braised pork belly, pork shoulder, apricot, savoury granola                £15.95     

Baked cod fillet, leek, chorizo & mussel emulsion                               £17.95    

Venison loin, venison sausage roll, red cabbage, kale & pesto           £22.95  

Scotch Beef steak special, wild mushrooms, shallots, gaufrette potatoes   £POA



Crispy potatoes, smoked bacon & garlic mayonnaise          £3.95

Hand cut chips, rosemary salt                                               £3.50

Tender stem broccoli, kale & toasted almonds                      £3.95

Creamed mash                                                                      £3.50

House salad                                                                          £3.95/£7.95               


Something Sweet

Puff candy meringue, butterscotch sauce, honeycomb ice cream              £7.50          

Buttermilk & honey panna cotta, poached rhubarb, spiced ginger crumb   £7.50

Baked hotcake, caramelised pineapple, coconut                                         £7.50

Milk chocolate mousse, torched banana, peanut brittle, salted caramel      £7.50

Scottish cheeses, Arran chutney, grapes, oatcakes & breads                     £4.95/£8.95